Food and my Temple

Lord help me with this battle I have.  I hate it, why is it i cant get over it?!

     This is one of those things in life.  We each have our struggles that we have to overcome.  We would like to think that we can do it on our own, right.?  That if only we try the right diet this time and work out enough that it will come easy to us.  Only to find out that we fell off once again.  The diet we tried was just another yo-yo and it worked for that moment because of restriction.  It definitely was not a permanent solution.  As soon as you stop working towards that goal, you fall back into old habits and you / I am back where we started.

Why is this?  Why is our culture plagued by an unhealthy relationship with food?

I have been on this journey of becoming healthy for a couple years now.  I have thrived for substantial lengths of time and was at the peak of my game.  I have also fallen short, and felt desperation because of it.  Over the last few years I have researched many things concerning this struggle from why it is we crave certain food, to the emotional, spiritual, and physical correlations with our health.  Why obesity is at its peak in the USA, and why so many other Americans struggle with this same issue. Why does it seem that no matter what diet we try, or what fitness regime we become a part of; why is it we usually result in failure?   The bottom line and common denominator that I have found is MONEY.  The good ol dollar bill yall.  Our country, and I am sure other countries are the same but Money seems to be everything.   The driving force in which everything functions.  It runs so much deeper than what I could have imagined.  One of my findings was in the book based on the Whole30 program.


 It Starts With Food  by Melissa Hartwig.  In this book it is addressed on how food scientists specifically formulate certain items to create a powerful sensation within our brain.  Our brain is naturally drawn to certain flavors, sweet, salty, and fatty,  in nature these flavors let us know that these foods were safe. Modern technology has stripped the nutrition from the food found in nature (fruit/sweet meats/fatty sea life and nuts/salty) replacing them with empty calories and synthetic chemicals that fool our bodies into giving us the same poweful biological signals to keep eating.  Over-consumption leads to profit within the food industry.  When over-consumption plagues your lives weight gain is inevitable.  After gaining weight its time to hit the gym, fueling the fitness industry.  As you have seen if you are anything like me, this becomes a vicious cycle.  Please know that I am not stating these facts to bash our Country.  I feel like there is good and bad within every country.  That is not my intention here.  The reason that I decided to share this is because when I read it myself, it truly helped to make sense of why I am struggling.  These foods were specifically designed to create an imbalance within my own body,  making it close to impossible to overcome.

What happens physically to my body when I eat garbage food.

Some of this may be old news to some of you but this was one of those moments that made me say, “Ah- Ha!”  Have you ever noticed when you are eating potato chips or cookies and lets be honest granola and cereal, you just seem to need to eat more than what you imagined to feel full.   Your body sends your brain signals that its not full yet, keep eating.  After your meal within an hour or so you feel hungry again.  On the contrary, when eating chicken or beef with veggies you cant even finish your plate.  The difference being, Nourishment.  When we eat meat and veggies the meat supplies protein to our body and that triggers your brain to respond that we are becoming nourished/satiated  and to slow down our eating.   To explain this, when you meal lacks a combination of dense protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats your body will crave within an hour later or so because you did not receive adequate nourishment/satiation from the original meal.

Image result for whole30

     I have recently felt called to begin writing.  I felt called to share about my experiences in my life that have molded me into who I am today.  After Mynde shared with me the desire placed on her heart to begin our facebook group Our Gracious Temple, ( ) we came together sought out the name.  After praying I continued to hear the song Gracious Tesmpest by Hillsong in my head.  This song when broken down translates how God’s Grace envelops us in the middle of a violent storm. We both agreed the word temple needed to be a part of it after honoring my temple was placed on my heart earlier this year.  Our Gracious Temple came about.  I feel that this is a big place that I am going to be used in writing.  I have battled with God over my unhealthy relationship with food asking him, Why? Why does this have to be one of my struggles?  I want my will to be done and live healthily and be “skinny.”  This is His will though.  How can I be relatable to another person without having a similar struggle.  How can I fulfill the purpose He has for me if I dont embrace my own struggles?  Even more of a scary thought, How can I fulfill His will in my life if I am not obedient?  I am a certified WholyFit instructor and knew 100% that was where I was supposed to be.  If I am not healthy, how will I ever be used where he wants me to be?

My next Post will be over the truth about sugar, my drug of choice.  The truth in how are bodies react and withdraw from it.  The truth about its addictive nature.  The truth of it’s usage.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  I am looking forward to this journey we are on together.



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