When Did We Become So Cynical?

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One of the many great things about being in the Beauty industry is the variety of opportunities to continue our education. You can find inspiration in many others around you. There are numerous shows that you can attend.  The online community is vast and wide, there is no excuse for us to remain ignorant.  We have so many outlets to grow, flourish and thrive in our industry.   One of the many things that I use to connect daily is a forum where Hairstylists around the country post pictures of before and after transformations.  We ask advice about formulations from one another, sometimes questions on how to deal with difficult situations and so on.  It is a community that definitely has a heart beat.  I have noticed over time, and this week I felt led to write about this.

Cynicism, the amount I see is overwhelming.

It really makes me think about the feeling that set a fire in me with the aching desire to become a hairstylist and makeup artist.  I was reminiscing on how much fuel was in that fire when I decided to go cosmetology school and get my certification.  Somewhere along the line, that fire starts to develop coals and the wood breaks down, slowly the embers become ash to eventually the fire is out.  I, experienced this and didn’t even realize it.  I was happy where I started my career but for some reason I kept feeling as if there were something missing.  It wasn’t until I became an Independent stylist, renting my own personal suite, that my fire was once again ignited.  I forgot what that feeling felt like.  I started to get excited about learning new techniques, attending new shows,  I saw the possibilities of where my business could grow and how I could thrive.

  As life in the industry goes on we encounter many things, good and bad.  It is interesting to me how we allow other people to dictate our own actions.  Within a matter of time in the industry, we learn that we are there for people who are not perfect.  Some being completely ignorant of the process which it takes for us as stylist to achieve their desired results.  Those who aren’t able to communicate what look they are picturing in their own mind and the result is an unhappy conclusion.  All of us encounter some who come off as rude and short due to their own previous experience of stylist constantly attempting to sell unnecessary products.  It also happens stylist prescribes the wrong product for a client, skewing the clients perception of what  professional products are created for and what result they can achieve.

The truth being, our experience with imperfect people can taint our own perception of people in general.  I do know that there are people who honestly try to find a loophole in the system in which they can manipulate the situation to come out in their favor.  I do however, believe that there are far more genuine people who may just be ignorant to a situation and we perceive it as manipulation.  It is our job as a stylist to educate our clients on what we do and why we do it.  I think somewhere along the line we have failed the do that and it shows in the cynicism in our industry.  Let us put our best foot forward to be the best we can be regardless of what industry you may be in.  Be the light that shines throughout it


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